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Barb Radmore, Editor

I have read all my life- not stopping now!
I am the editor and founder of Front Street Reviews, an act of joy for a book lover!
I also work for the University system as a site coordiator for the GEAR UP program. It is a wonderful program that starts ealry in the schools (middle school) to give students the motivation and tools they need to go on to a successful post secondary education. I grew up in Buffalo NY, now live in Maine with teacher husband and two wonderful daughters. Obtained a teaching degree in NY, have since gotten Adult Education Director and Provisional Superintendant of School Certification (but will never use that!!)  Strength reviewing is Literary fiction, mysteries and books on education. 

Tina Avon

I am a fortysomething Canadian who has loved to read since I was 6.  I started reading French books and then progressed, at the age of 10,  to reading English books  - which, of course, offered me a whole new world to discover. My mother always tells this story of my love of reading. When I was 10, my mother would watch me walk back from school, constantly worried that I would get hit by a car or a bus, because I would be reading and walking at the same time - and NOTHING could distract me from the printed page .    and.....20 years later....  When I was 30, my mother would watch me (sometimes) walk back from work, constantly worried that I would get hit by a car or a bus, because I would be reading and walking at the same time - and NOTHING could distract me from the printed page....  So, reading is in my blood! which is odd since neither of my parents are readers.  I use to read only fiction, but in the last 5 to 9 years, I have discovered how great non fiction can be and have read quite alot of the genre.  My personal passion still remains chick lit, but I also love a great thriller, as well as books on addiction and recovery, YA, cookbooks, personal finance books and memoirs.  The only genres I really do not enjoy are:  westerns, sci-fi and fantasy.
Mary Aycock

Many people have a specific time in their memories, can pinpoint when and where they learned to read. I don’t have a specific time or place in my history that said “This is the moment” since I cannot remember NOT reading. When I was in Elementary School I begged my older brother, who was in Junior High School at the time, to check out books for me to read since I felt I had read anything of interest in grade school. He used to get razzed for checking out some of the books that his friends thought were “kinda girly.” He has long since forgiven me.
I am a transplanted Arkansan, by way of California, but originally from Colorado. Having spent over 61 years in the world, I still feel that there are not enough hours in the day to read all the books I want to read! Maybe if I didn’t have to WORK I would have more time to read! Think I can really get away with something like that? Nah, I didn’t think so either! So, I will just continue on as I have been…reading every chance I get and loving every minute of it!

Carianne Carleo-Evangelist

Carianne Carleo-Evangelist is a 2001 graduate of Nazareth College in Rochester, New York where she majored in Economics and International Studies with concentrations in Spanish and History. A traveller from a young age, she took her first overseas trip to Spain in 1996 and followed that love of travel once she graduated, living in Japan twice, Australia and Spain. In addition to the extended overseas trips, she has also enjoyed shorter times in Fiji, the Czech Republic, Austria, Canada and England. She is now studying for her Masters of Science in Tourism and Travel Management with a concentration in Tourism Development at NYU.

This love of travel has spurred a keen interest in travelogues and cultural non-fiction, whether they be of the author's experiences in his or her home country or written by someone who has travelled and wants to share the experience. Recently, she has uncovered a passion for reading books by those who are seeing the United States through a foreigner's eyes. There is just something special about seeing a country, whether it be one you know intimately or one you've never even thought of, through the eyes of someone else.

Apart from this primary interest, Carianne also enjoys getting lost in good historical books, memoirs, mysteries or good fluffy fiction, though school takes up far too much of her reading time. In addition to her loves of travel and reading, Carianne also has a passion for languages, computers, photography, writing and her beloved New York Yankees.  For more info on her travels both literary and gobally go to her site.

Betty Gelean

I was born in 1940 in Vancouver B.C. as a 5th generation in British Columbia, the first one of my B.C. ancestors arrived the same year that British Columbia existed, 1858. Although I was raised in Vancouver, I am a small-town girl at heart, and now retired, my husband and I live in northern B.C. and love it. I have been a reader as long as I can remember; I read to 3 of my 4 younger brothers, my children, and my grandchildren. I worked at the University of British Columbia for the last 15 years before I retired as an division assistant to some 20+ professors. My interests are varied from reading and reviewing, wildlife, fishing (salt water & ice-fishing), music, museums, travel by car. I’m a "wannabe" writer without a story, so I find reviewing books a way of dealing with that hunger. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. My particular interest is mysteries of almost all genres, but also read a great variety of books both fiction and non-fiction. I even enjoy young adult and children’s stories. I'm fascinated by forensics, archaeology/anthropology, medical, and some humour in my books, mystery or otherwise; in fact about the only ones I don’t really read for pleasure are modern romance stories.
Many of my reviews are posted on my blog  R&B: Read & Blog

Suasan Helene Gottfried

Susan Helene Gottfried began reading at an early age, and fell in love with rock and roll shortly after. As a way to meld the two, she writes fiction about rock stars and the people who help make it all possible: roadies, radio people, promoters. She is currently shopping her first novel, Trevor's Song, and can be found online at or, for a more interactive experience, at her blog,
(We even have a great interview with Susan here!)

Charity R. Bartley Howard

I’ve always had the dream of becoming an author someday, particularly for children and youth, and reading has been another interest.
I’ve written poems and stories from the time I learned to read and write. I knew a career dealing with these elements was the only choice for me. I started at my high school newspaper, moved to college publications and then local newspapers becoming a Lifestyles Editor. I’ve written human interest and feature stories as well as a variety of reviews from books to musicals.
I enjoy a variety of genres but, children’s-themes, fantasy, mystery/thriller and spiritual would be my top favorites.
As a Hoosier (Indiana native and resident), I enjoy the outdoors and I am a family-oriented person. I am happy to still live near my immediate family and now have a family of my own with a preschooler son and an infant son.

A.E. Jaskiewicz

Children’s Literature is my one true passion in life.  I love reading it, writing it, and reviewing it.
I have a Media Communications degree from Webster University, and I graduated from The Institute For Children’s Literature, where I studied under award winning author Kirby Larson.  I live in Missouri, which is also where I was born and raised.  My favorite types of books are picture books, and middle grade or young adult books that are either funny or scary.  When not reading or writing, I will most likely be exercising, shopping or spending time with my family and friends.
I have had one middle grade novel, Hickory and the Big Clock, published.  If you're interested in checking it out, you can find it at

Araminta Star Matthews
Araminta holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Creative Writing.  She currently teaches creative, professional, and college writing for the Maine Community College System, and women's studies for Central Maine College of Nursing.  In addition to educating, she is a freelance writer for various creative and professional publications and, oddly enough, various catering companies.  In her spare time, she produces non-profit, social justice theater to raise money and awareness about climate changes and catastrophes, domestic and sexual violence, and gender identity.  She lives in warm and fuzzy Maine with her overly plump cat, Pandora, and her life partner, Abner. 

James P. Melcher

Jim Melcher is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine at Farmington in Farmington, Maine, where he has taught since 1999.  A native of Madison, Wisconsin, he is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota, where he received his Ph.D. in 1995. He has won six teaching awards, including two at UMF. His book reviews appear in several scholarly journals, and include reviews of The Anarchist: A Novel, American Elites and The Strange Deaths of President Harding.  He has also published his own writing in such journals as PS: Political Science and Politics, Journal of Economics and Politics, American Review of Politics and The Southern Maine Review. He has been listed in Who’s Who in America and is an active member of the Bookcrossing community. He and his wife, Nancy Finnegan, live in Augusta, Maine.   

Ashley (Denis) Merrill

Ashley A. Merrill (maiden name is Denis)  I’ve been considered the “odd” child my whole life. In every picture you will ever see of me, from when I am the age of two, until now, I have a book in my hand. I carry one in my purse everywhere I go just in case I’ll have time to read a page or two! Odd, I know. I figure if I haven’t broken that habit now at the age of 22, I my as well come to peace with it and push ahead!
I am a recent graduate of the University of Maine at Farmington with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I  am currently employed as a residential crisis worker. I work in the adult crisis houses in Waterville and Augusta, as well as the kid’s crisis unit in Winslow.
I am interested in every genre of books, except political and religious; I leave those subjects up to my husband to deal with! I also love to write, so being a reviewer just plain fits!
Catch up with me on my blog- Ashley's Booktopia.

Tom Morton

Ok, not one to talk about myself this is going to be short. I started reading when I was two, and haven’t stopped since. I generally prefer sci-fi or fantasy, but have been known to enjoy the occasional murder mystery or comedy. Actually, I’ll read pretty much anything if it’s well-written.

As a reader, I try to be fair and unbiased in my reviews, whether the author is new or well-established. I’ve found that some of the best books come from newer, fresher writers like Erin Durante. Some of my other favorites are Peter F. Hamilton, Tad Williams, and Robert Jordan (RIP, brother). But no one compares to my all-time fave, Edgar Allen Poe.  

Enough about me, let’s talk about you for a while. For those who would like to contact me, you know; authors, publicists, critics, groupies, or stalkers, e-mail

Jenny Salyers

She has been reading as long as she can remember. She was the older kid that read the younger kids their library books on the bus while going to school. She is currently a perpetual student with the goal of some day being able to introduce the joy of literature to young children as they learn to read.
Jenny Reviews for Front Street Reviews, Armchair Interviews and occasionally for the HarperCollins FirstLook program. You can see what sorts of books she has been reading on her blog, Confessions of a Literary Persuasion.

Mary Lydon Simonsen

I grew up in North Jersey before they paved it and had access to all of New York City’s great attractions.  When I married 30+ years ago, I unknowingly agreed to crisscrossing the country with my husband, Paul:  New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, and Arizona, which is where I plan to stay because our two daughters and granddaughter live here.

I have a few years of college, but I am largely self-educated.  I go from reading about the Air War in Europe in World War II to Pride and Prejudice to mysteries.  For four months, I came close to not reading anything at all because I decided, at the age of 50, that I needed to take an algebra course.  Before children, I worked as a legal secretary; after children, I worked as Special Education assistant before retiring to write the Great American/British/Irish novel.

In 2007, I published my first novel, Pemberley Remembered.  During the winter, I worked on the book in the Valley of the Sun.  When the temperatures hit the triple digits, I loaded up the thumb drive with the latest draft and headed to the High Country near Flagstaff where we have a summer home.  At present, I am writing a sequel.  Stay tuned.

Sabrina Williams

I'm a full-time retail manager, full-time homeschooling mother, full-time wife, and full-time student. Most importantly, I'm a full-time reader! My passion for reading has led me to the review world. I've written for Amazon and First Look previously. My mother inspired a book addiction in me, and I've never been able to control it. I love sharing good literature with my family and I love the hunt to find good literature. I'm a bit of a nonfiction nerd, but nothing is off-limits around me. The scarier and more controversial, the better!
More reviews can be found at Breeni Books too!

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