Little Skink's Tail
Little Skink's Tail
Janet Halfmann

Reviewed by Laura Williams

Little Skink's Tail is a delightful story of a little lizard that loses her beautiful blue tail. Sadden by her tail-less new look, she imagines having a tail of animals that she sees. Her imagination has her sporty tails from a puffy tail to a pointy tail and others in between.

Your children will be mesmerized by the story as well as the beautiful illustrations that accompany this tale of tails. My children could not wait for story time in our house when this book arrived. I gathered them all around in our story circle, as well call it, and read to them the story of Little Skink's Tail.  I'm not sure they even blinked an eye as the story unfolded. I know the story as well as the illustrations kept their interest and it helped that we have skinks on our property.

At the end of the book, there are two activity pages to familiarize your child with animal tracks as well as their tails. I knew my children were really paying attention when my 3 year old could tell me what tail belonged to which animal in the story. I can see now that I will be making copies of those two pages for my children to do (over and over and over). My oldest boys have already read this book 3 or 4 times more each since our first initial reading. I'm not sure who loved this book more... them or I!  As an added bonus, the publisher offers online teaching links on their site for Teaching Activities, and Learning Links.

The author, Janet Halfmann, has been writing for children for more than twenty years, and this is her 28th book. Before becoming a full-time freelance children’s writer, she was a manager, editor, and writer of coloring and activity books for Golden Books; the editor of a national children’s magazine; and a reporter for a daily newspaper. A member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Janet has recently published Alligator at Saw Grass Road (fall 2006), Polar Bear Horizon, Canada Goose at Cattail Lane, Dolphin's Rescue, Red Bat at Sleepy Hollow Lane, and Pelican’s Catch. Janet was inspired to write Little Skink’s Tail while researching for one of her other books, Nature’s Predators: Lizards, and for an article that she wrote for Ranger Rick, “Slinky Skinks.” Another inspiration was her granddaughter, whom she enjoys watching play dress-up and pretend. As Janet wrote the book, she pictured her granddaughter putting on and showing off each tail.

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